Moguntiacum (Mainz)

Moguntiacum is one of the two provincial centers of Germania Superior, the other being Argentorate. It sits in a strategic location at the junction of the Rhenus and Moenus (Rhein and Main) rivers. As such, the Romans always garrisoned it rather heavily.

The city was founded by Drusus, perhaps in 12 or 13 BC. The local garrison adopted one of the local gods, Mogons or Moguns, which was the tribal god of the Moguntiacii, a Gallic tribe with branches in both Germania and Gallia.

Prominent monuments and locations in the city include the Drusus Monument (historical), the Temple of Isis (historical), the amphitheater (historical), the double-sized legion fort (historical) and two forts for auxiliary cohorts (historical)

There is an aqueduct, historically attested, and a bridge across the Rhein river, the remains of which are still in existence, however, at the time play is occurring in the campaign, there is no wall for the town other than that provided by the legion fort.

Military Units at Moguntiacum include:

legio XXII ’Primagenia pia fidelis"

[[ coh. VII Raetorum eq. ]]

[[ coh. I Germanorum civ. Rom. ]]

Moguntiacum (Mainz)

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